Nature has shown us how healthy fertile soils have been created over millions of years. The continual wearing down of rocks and vegetation, the products of which are carried by glaciers, rain and wind into the productive valleys form soils which have all the necessary minerals and trace elements to maintain animal and human health through the production and consumption of good food.

We know from the work that has been done on soil degradation that some minerals and trace elements have decreased by 45% on average since 1940 due to the onset of modern chemial farming. Also, from the work of Pottigen and McMcarrison that if you feed animals with junk food (i.e. food depleted in essential elements which support bodily functions), you increase the risk of developing degenerative diseases and in the fifth generation you risk infertility.

Unfortunately there are not many scientific ways of testing the vitality of food. We can test for trace element content via sap testing, which has led to knowledge about food trace element deficiencies. Vitality is about the above yes, but also about health giving properties such as, the support that a healthy fruit or vegetable will give to a living organism. This can only be measured by rather unscientific methods such chromatology, Kirlian photo analysis and to some extent by taste. All these methods excluding taste incur a cost.

We therefore have to assume that nature is correct in the way it has developed our soils on which healthy crops grow. Can we bypass the way the natural process works by quickening up the rock grinding process that glaciers, wind and rain do?

Fortunately the answer is yes! If we find the right strata of rock (basalt). With a good analysis we can collect this as a by-product of the quarry industry and spread it at a rate of 5kg per square metre to our soil at any time of the year. This rock dust, which is over 420 million years old, is used as a soil conditioner to replace all the nutrients lost from the soil due to many years of constant cropping and neglect. Mentionable elements, which volcanic rock dust replaces are selenium, boron, zinc and copper, etc. which are deficient in some british soils. The increase in yield will be noticeable within the first year of cropping.

The minerals which are absorbed by the crops from the soil with added Volcanic Rock Dust are then passed on to humans allowing for a more balanced diet. Volcanic rock dust has other benefits such as aiding in the reduction of our carbon footprint, crops are more resistant to attack by pests & diseases and, it increases bacterial activity in the soil.

If we insist that people and especially children eat healthy fruit and vegetables instead of so much junk food then we could prevent the onset of degenerative diseases. The use of oil to produce fertilizers must be reduced as this is a non-renewable resource which will one day run out. We should start using nature’s available products once again; volcanic rock dust, seaweeds, magnesium, lime, etc.

We notice that the Government is planning a ‘ Grow your own Food ‘ strategy , something we have been advocating for twenty years.

It makes sense for many reasons:-

It can be a real pleasure growing, harvesting and consuming your own home grown produce.

If the soil is healthy and fertile you will grow vegetables which can contribute to your family health.

Take away the price of your own labour and the costs are considerably lower than the supermarket prices.

Less trips in the car means less fuel used and less profits into the pockets of the supermarkets.

If you decide for any of the above reasons to give ‘Growing your own food’ a try,we have got good news for you.We have proved that it is much easier to grow deliciously tasting vegetables by:-

Using natural products to achieve a healthy fertile soil which will grow all that you need for the family for 8 months of the year.

Using the No Dig Method.No hard slog to dig soil over in the Autumn months. Just follow simple rules which we will give you.

Using raised borders to keep the planning simple which will help with maintenance and to achieve maximum production.

Using post and netting to avoid the use of pest controls where possible.

If you want to know more please get in touch by ringing David Wilkin on 07901815647. We are here to help because we feel very strongly that food costs will rise and we must not rely too much on imports. We should try and support local people who produce food and do what we can ourselves to relearn the skills of working with Nature to feed ourselves. We hope to hear from you.

A No-Dig Gardening booklet comes free with any order for Volcanic Rock Dust.