Pinetum Products has grown from a real passion of ours to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have discovered many really worthwhile products over the last 25 years, a few of which you will find described on this site.

A pinetum is an arboretum of pines and coniferous trees – which in themselves exude health and provide us with an excellent location to research and experiment with new ideas.

Twenty-five years as a landscape gardener and being born into a medical family, which goes back several generations, has led me to understand that we can all benefit enormously from choosing a lifestyle that is in harmony with the natural world. Also as Managing Director of the Good Gardeners Association for twelve years, I can seriously recommend the No Dig raised bed method of growing food for home use for scientific reasons. If we take these sensible precautions – choose to grow good food in order to maintain a healthy diet – keep the poisonous chemical products out of our lives – take enough exercise and lead a life without stress (where possible!), we can help our immune systems to protect us from bacteria, virus and fungi, which attack us all on a daily basis.

Not all diseases can be avoided and some only manifest themselves by lowering our energy levels and our vitality. Read what Dr Peter Mansfield has to say:

Health from the Roots Up Dr Peter Mansfield M.A, M.B, B.Chir, Cert. G.A.M

“Our society misunderstands health. Medical treatment can never produce it. Yet health is a real attribute which we all possess to some degree. A good healthy diet confers the best possible protection against all forms of disease (and not all can be personally avoided) but is the source of all our vitality, zest for living and general well being.

So we rather badly need a service and a culture for health, not just the measures against disease that we are so used to. It requires no new laws or institutions. It is neither complicated nor unpleasant, but it calls for the right personal action, at the right level, in every choice we make. From all of us.”

Health is a seamless process throughout all nature, of which humans are actually a rather small part. It starts in the soil, where materials become living tissues through the activity of germs, fungi and small animals. Modern agricultural practices spoil all this. Soil must regain its full health potential if we hope ever to do the same. This is the “organic” or “biodynamic” principle, which is the starting point for regenerating health in people and in society.

The materials shown on this website all spring from the organic principle. They will regenerate life around and within you. “Food-state” nutrients-grown within nature, not manufactured chemically – enable you to short-circuit immediate deficiencies that arise inevitably in impoverished soil. Organic gardening conditioners enable your soil to rebuild its biodynamic integrity and grow you proper food. Attention should also given to the quality of the water you drink, and the supplements you take.

Health is your ability to create something good with your life. Enjoy exploring the internet site.